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Body Treatment System

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9 In 1 Complete Body Treatment Kit
Multipurpose uses; Dual Operation Mode
(6 AA Batteries or Electric Power Cord).
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  • 9 In 1 Complete Body Treatment Kit. Do a Body Spa at your home with this amazing device with 9 different accessories.
  • Multipurpose uses - Not only removes hair from different body part but different attachments helps in getting soothing massage and facial on the face or body
  • Now, It is Very Easy To Remove Unwanted Hair Without PAIN. It will exfoliate dry skin. The active surface of Hair Remover Pad is covered with small crystals. These crystal surfaces help pluck the hairs from the roots by rotary movements, leaving the skin looking soft and slightly fair, as if freshly exfoliated.
  • Accessories: Derma Crystal Hair Remover Pads, Pumice Stone, Body Buffer, Facial Hair Remover, Bikini Line Hair Remover, Foot Smoother, Deep Cleanser Brush, Macro & Micro Massage Modules
  • Dual Operation Mode: Can be operated through 6 AA Batteries or Electric Power Cord (As per the convenience):: Comes with handy detailed instruction manual


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